Private piano lessons by qualified and experienced teachers to students in Dublin.

Deansgrange Music School


Aleksandr, Director of Prima Music School. He also teaches at St. Andrew's College, Booterstown. He has 44 years of teaching experience.

Nadia, Aleksandr's wife, has 32 years of teaching experience.

Aleksandr and Nadia graduated from Musorgsky Music College in St. Petersburg, and 7 years of music school before that. In the music college they had classes 6 hours a day for 4 years. These studies cover all areas of music education. The more important subjects were: Piano, Play in an Ensemble, Accompaniment, Solfeggio, Harmony, Harmonic Analysis, Analysis of Music Forms, Polyphony, Composition, Score Reading, Choir Singing, Voice Training, Teaching Methodologies for the Piano, Psychology of Musical Performance, Music Literature (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern Music etc.), Theory of Improvisation. During their lives they participated in numerous concerts as soloists.

Tatyana, Aleksandr's and Nadia's daughter, is a graduate of Royal Irish Academy of Music and Gaisce Gold Presidentís Award holder. She played three times at the National Concert Hall in Dublin as a piano soloist.